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Witchdoctor Utu - is the founder of the Dragon Ritual Drummers, the Niagara Voodoo Shrine and is a member of the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple.

For the last fifteen years he has been immersed in the root work, conjure and mysticism surrounding the lore and legacy of the Underground Railroad. Living in St. Catharines Ontario, where Harriet “Mama Moses” Tubman brought her “track” to its end, he has been up front and integral over the last decade of continuing to uplift and elevate the spirit of Mama Moses and her surrounding spiritual court. Many of the freedom seekers Harriet Tubman brought north were renown conjurers, root workers and like Mama Moses herself diviners.

Utu is an active member in the pagan community as a presenter and teacher in both Canada and United States, and has been featured in many international articles, books, TV and radio.

Dragon Ritual Drimmers - Award winning, chart topping critically acclaimed drum troupe with a worldwide following, the Dragon Ritual Drummers are the #1 Pagan Drum Troupe on the planet! The Dragon Ritual Drummers offer a unique array of rhythms, music inspired from around the world and through the ages, focusing on the drums place in the mysteries to call forth spirit, ancestors and deities. As honorary drum guard for the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple their shows often celebrate rhythmic stories and tales of voodoo gods and Creole spirits of the swamps. Their shows are interactive and bring the audience to their feet in celebration and unity. This is their first time at Mid Michigan Pagan Fest! Their music is available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dragon-ritual-drummers/id296903642 and their CDs can be found at their web site www.dragonritualdrummers.com *Ritual/ceremony The Cairn and Cross; Honouring Harriet "Mama Moses" and the spirits of the Underground Railroad, with Witchdoctor Utu, Baba Ted Jauw, Dragon Ritual Drummers and friends (whom ever else you may want to add to that list or who may want to participate in it by all means add) The Underground Railroad (U.G.R.R) and its spirit world is an inclusive one filled with healing, empowerment, transformation and reverence. The clandestine movement helped usher freedom seekers from slavery and bondage to Canada and ultimate freedom. Many made the trek from as far as Louisiana and Mississippi all the way to Ontario on foot, at times a year and a half long journey through swamps, marshes, mountains and rivers. They faced disease, hunger and bounty hunters on their trail. The Cairn and Cross is a living altar created together to honour, call forth and house the spirits of the U.G.R.R. The Cairn and Cross symbolizes the graves of those who fled for freedom that never successfully finished their trip, perishing alone along the way, their resting places lost to the seas of time. We will build the Cairn and Cross together, bless the altar with the setting of lights and sacred flame, spirituals, drum and song. We will honour Michigan's contribution to the U.G.R.R. and call forth the spirit of Mama Moses to cleanse and bestow blessings upon us all.


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