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Bona Dea (Patricia DeSandro) is a seer/wisewoman and serves as an elder and high priestess in the Romano-Celtic traditions. She is a public speaker and ritual artist and has presented around the country, including two universities. Through her work with sacred stones, Bona Dea also offers healing opportunities and spiritual guidance to others. As part of her service to the Pagan community, she founded The Circle of the Sacred Grove Temple of the Old Religion and the Woodland Wisewomen.
Bona Dea is a contributing author for Christopher Penzcak’s book, Ancestors of the Craft, Serenth Odinsson’s book, Calling to Our Ancestors, and several periodicals. She has appeared on TV, Sicily Studios podcast; On the Edge, and Body/Mind/Spirit Radio’s Pagan Spirit, Shamanic Life. With her training in hypnotherapy, and meditation techniques, she has produced several guided journey CD’s focused on Pagan spirituality.

Through the character of Granny Root, she helps others rediscover the magic in their lives with her presentations, storytelling, and original fairytales. The book, The Granny Root Chronicles; Tales from the Wood is available at her speaking events and for purchase online through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Bona Dea lives in Toledo, Ohio, surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and her little dog, too.

Visit her Facebook pages, Bona Dea Lyonesse, and Granny Root.

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