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Ted Jauw - is a Babal’awo (priest) and Oluwo (teacher) of the West African Yoruba tradition called Odu/Ifa. Additionally, he holds wheels and pipes from many North and Meso-American Native traditions and is a diviner in the tradition of Mayan Xultun medicine wheels called ‘Twenty Count’. He is also the last apprentice of Dr. Mary Loomis, and counts Babatunde Olatunji as one of his mentors. Writer, poet, ritualist , singer, drummer and anything that allows him to tell stories is what he does. His MythPunk thrillers, ‘The Fourth Choice’, and 'The Fifth World' are now joined by his latest YA Steampunk Thriller, 'Teslation' and his spiritual non-fiction, 'Rescension'. He is married to author Kate Henriott and, together, they have seven children and a grandson.


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